Hezbollah 'more inflexible', US and KSA want to 'focus on security'

French Special Presidential Envoy Jean-Yves Le Drian is coming to Lebanon at a “totally inappropriate timing, seeing as he will not find any positive response, unlike the Qatari envoy,” the pro-Hezbollah al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Tuesday.

“The main party in the equation today, Hezbollah, does not intend to discuss the presidential file,” al-Akhbar added.

“It is still focusing on what happened and will happen in Gaza, and betting on the possibility that Hezbollah might have changed its stance on the presidential file is a wrong bet, seeing as the party is now more adherent to its conditions and demands,” the daily said.

“This is what the Qatari envoy has heard, before leaving without results, and this is what Le Drian will also hear,” al-Akhbar said.

Saudi Arabia is meanwhile still insisting “not to get involved in any settlement” in Lebanon, the daily added, noting that Riyadh and Washington agree that “the focus should be on the security situation in Lebanon, starting by controlling any escalation on the southern front and then preserving the military institution’s situation by extending the term of incumbent commander General Joseph Aoun.”

“The two capitals are dealing with the Lebanese file on the basis that the current situation does not allow for a presidential settlement nor a political exchange deal between the wrangling parties in Lebanon,” al-Akhbar added.

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