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Mikati chairs broad ministerial meeting on latest developments

Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Monday presided over a broad ministerial meeting that discussed the latest security and military developments in Lebanon and the region.

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Hezbollah praises Iran's attack on Israel

Hezbollah has congratulated Tehran on its attack on Israel, saying it "achieved" its military objectives.

"Hezbollah presents its congratulations... to the leadership" of Iran and its people for the "unprecedented" attack on Israel, the powerful Lebanese group said in a statement.

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Cyprus suspends processing of asylum applications as boatloads of refugees continue arriving from Lebanon

Cyprus says it's suspending processing all asylum applications by Syrian nationals because large numbers of refugees from the war-torn country continue to reach the island nation by boat, primarily from Lebanon.

In a written statement, the Cypriot government said the suspension is also partly because of ongoing efforts to get the European Union to redesignate some areas of the war-torn country as safe zones to enable repatriations.

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Israel strikes Baalbek district, Iqlim al-Tuffah after Hezbollah attacks Golan twice

An Israeli airstrike destroyed a building in the Baalbek district town of al-Nabi Sheet on Sunday morning, following violent Israel airstrikes at dawn on the Jabal Safi area in Iqlim al-Tuffah, deep in south Lebanon.

A source within Hezbollah said Israel struck one of its buildings in Lebanon's east, close to the Syrian border, as tensions soared after Iran directly attacked Israel.

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Lebanese report seeing missiles in the sky from Iran's attack on Israel

Resident in Beirut and elsewhere in Lebanon reported seeing missiles in the sky and hearing explosions overnight, likely from interceptions, as Iran launched an unprecedented drone and missile attack on Israel.

Israel said Sunday that the attack was "foiled", with hundreds of missiles and drones intercepted with the help of the United States and allies.

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Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan reopen airspace closed over Iran attack on Israel

Iraq reopened its airspace on Sunday hours after suspending all air traffic as neighboring Iran launched an unprecedented drone and missile attack on Israel, the Iraqi aviation authority announced.

Jordan, which neighbors Iraq as well as Israel, and Lebanon also reopened their respective airspace on Sunday having earlier closed them, as did Israel which said the Iranian attack had been "foiled" with most launches intercepted overnight.

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Israel strikes deep in south after Hezbollah launches rockets, drones

Israel on Saturday said its fighter jets attacked a "major Hezbollah military complex" in the al-Rihan area in Jezzine, deep in south Lebanon, after Hezbollah launched "40 rockets" and two suicide drones from Lebanon.

Hezbollah for its part said it fired "dozens of Katyusha rockets" at Israeli artillery positions Friday, a bombardment it said was in response to Israeli strikes in the south.

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Army arrests minor who hurled firebomb at SSNP office in Jdita

Army intelligence agents on Friday arrested in the Bekaa town of Taalabaya a Lebanese minor who had hurled a firebomb at an office for the Syrian Social Nationalist Party in Bekaa’s Jdita, the army said.

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Mikati and Berri discuss situations in south Lebanon and Gaza

Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati held talks Friday in Ain el-Tineh with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri.

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Geagea says 'confrontation' will continue, but it's not 'sectarian or ethnic'

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Friday vowed that “the confrontation will continue,” in the wake of the murder of LF official Pascal Sleiman in the Jbeil district.

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