Who is army chief candidate on whom parties have agreed?


There are currently three candidates for the army chief post but one of them has the highest chances, a media report said on Friday.

“His appointment has been settled in principle and he enjoys the acceptance of all political parties and has close ties to foreign forces,” the Nidaa al-Watan newspaper quoted informed sources as saying.

“A meeting was held Wednesday evening between parties concerned with the file and an agreement was reached on naming an army commander instead of postponing the retirement of the incumbent chief,” the daily added, citing “credible reports.”

“The candidate has been informed of the decision and he has met with (Speaker Nabih) Berri and a number of officials, who put him in the picture of their deliberations,” the newspaper said.

The candidate was also “one of the military figures who were visited by a U.S. delegation that discussed the situation of the military institution,” Nidaa al-Watan added.

Al-Akhbar newspaper meanwhile said that the Free Patriotic Movement has three candidate for the army chief post: Intelligence Directorate chief Tony Qahwaji, Elie Akl and Maroun Qbayati.

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