Geagea says Bassil behavior shameful, FPM accuses him of being a foreign agent


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Friday alleged that Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil is “doing the impossible and crossing all red lines and constitutional limits” in order to “get rid of General Joseph Aoun in the army chief post for purely personal and opportunist considerations.”

“According to the available information, he is working night and day to appoint a new army commander. Despite our respect for all the candidates proposed for this post, he has totally disregarded everything that he had stated in terms of rejecting the ministerial decrees that have been issued over the past year because they encroach on the president’s jurisdiction,” Geagea said.

“What MP Bassil is doing in this regard is a shame against the country, the people, the presidency, the army command and Christians, and this shame is to be added to his behavior that makes him a shame par excellence in Lebanese politics,” the LF leader added.

The FPM swiftly hit back at Geagea, accusing him of having committed “a declared and confirmed crime against the constitution and principles through his submission of a draft law for extending the army chief’s term.”

“He has addressed a virtual and fabricate accusation against the FPM chief in what resembles a prejudgment of intentions, whereas the FPM leader has not carried out any action and has not declared what he agrees to and what he rejects,” the FPM said.

“Again and again, it turns out that Samir Geagea’s only concern is political spite and doing the opposite of what Jebran Bassil does,” the FPM charged, adding that “the coming days will reveal anew who’s right and who’s wrong, and who’s principled and who works for a salary for foreign forces and offers security services,” the FPM added.

Media reports have said that an agreement has been reached on naming a new army commander and that Intelligence Directorate chief Brig. Gen. Tony Qahwaji is the leading candidate for the post.

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