Israel shells Aita al-Shaab despite unofficial cease-fire


The Israeli artillery shelled Tuesday the outskirts of the border town of Aita al-Shaab, as calm almost prevailed over the border area in south Lebanon.

While Lebanon and Hezbollah weren't officially parties to the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, it has brought at least a temporary halt to the daily exchanges of rockets, artillery shelling and airstrikes.

During The four days of truce, calm was interrupted by occasional Israeli shelling and incessant buzz of Israeli surveillance drones.

The cross-border exchanges have killed 109 people in Lebanon, at least 77 of them Hezbollah fighters and 14 civilians. More than 55,000 people have fled their homes.

Six Israeli soldiers and three civilians have been killed on the Israeli side.

Hamas and Israel agreed to extend their truce through Wednesday, with another two planned exchanges of hostages. But Israel has repeatedly vowed to resume the war once it's clear that no more hostages will be freed under the current agreement's terms.

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