Israel fires on Lebanese Army, violating anew unofficial truce


Israeli soldiers opened fire Wednesday from the Abbad post on a Lebanese Army patrol near the southern border town of Houla, despite an unofficial truce.

During The four days of truce, calm was interrupted by occasional Israeli shelling and incessant buzz of Israeli surveillance drones, while Hezbollah abided by the truce.

On Tuesday, Israeli artillery shelled the outskirts of the border town of Aita al-Shaab.

Over the weekend, Israel shot down a surface-to-air missile launched from Lebanese territory at an Israeli military drone, a citizen from Kfarkila narrowly escaped unharmed after Israeli forces fired five gunshots at his Renault Rapid car, Israeli forces fired in the air to scare farmers working in their land in the Hounin Valley and hit one of UNIFIL's patrols with gunfire.

While Lebanon and Hezbollah weren't officially parties to the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, it has brought at least a temporary halt to the daily exchanges of rockets, artillery shelling and airstrikes.

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Thumb 29 November 2023, 14:43

Maybe the Lebanese Army should send a strong signal and fire back.