Macron says Hezbollah shouldn't compromise Lebanon's sovereign interests


Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati had received on the occasion of Lebanon's independence day a letter from French President Emmanuel Macron that the Grand Serail published on Tuesday, a day before the PM met with the French President's envoy in Beirut.

Before his envoy Jean-Yves Le Drian reiterated the need to elect a President in a meeting with Mikati, Macron warned in his letter that the presidential vacancy might weigh on the country's ability to overcome its crises and to prevent a security deterioration related to the war in Gaza.

Macron said that the involvement of Lebanon in the Hamas-Israel war would have "serious repercussions for the country," blaming Hezbollah without naming the group for "compromising" Lebanon's interests.

"No party should use Lebanese territory in such a way as to compromise the country's sovereign interests," the letter said.

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Thumb 29 November 2023, 23:02

Both Macron and Miqati are compromised. One is a proven Zionist (= thief with ideology) the other is a major kleptoman.