Dozens of Israeli tanks enter southern part of Gaza Strip


Dozens of Israeli tanks entered the southern part of the Gaza Strip near Khan Younis on Monday, witnesses told AFP, with the Israeli military widely expected to start ground operations in the area soon.

Armoured personnel carriers and bulldozers were also seen. Amin Abu Hola, 59, said the Israeli vehicles were "two kilometres (1.2 miles) inside" the Palestinian territory in the village of Al-Qarara near Khan Younis, while Moaz Mohammed, 34, said Israeli tanks were on the southern part of Salah al-Din road which runs from the north to the south of the strip.

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Thumb 04 December 2023, 17:11

They will be blown to pieces, South Gaza will be the IOF burial ground.

En tout cas, the war has been won by Hamas because the primary objective was to show tithe world how subhumans the Zionist baby killers are. And I must admit they exceeded everyone’s expectations in terms of sheer brutality.