Hezbollah commander seriously hurt in Nabatiyeh airstrike


The Israeli military told AFP on Thursday that its aircraft struck a "Hezbollah commander" in south Lebanon, claiming he was involved in cross-border rocket attacks.

The confirmation came after a Lebanese security source said earlier that a military official of Hezbollah was "seriously wounded" in an Israeli air strike on a car in the city of Nabatiyeh in the heart of south Lebanon.

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Thumb i.report 08 February 2024, 21:06

There are lots of spies for Israel in Lebanon. I hope they get caught soon, not because I back Hezbollah- I don’t- but because spies for Israel are a threat for everyone’s future.

Missing un520 09 February 2024, 01:59

Hezbollah is a threat to everyone`s future,,,

Thumb i.report 10 February 2024, 17:59

Berry has been CIA since day one when he inherited the party from Moussa Al Sadr. I’m pretty sure Randa and his kids are also part of this dirty business.