Israeli strike kills 3 Hezbollah fighters after drone attack on Israel base


An Israeli drone strike on a car in the southern coastal border town of Naqoura killed three Hezbollah fighters on Saturday morning, shortly after Hezbollah claimed a suicide drone attack on an Israeli command base in Liman, around seven kilometers from Lebanon's border.

Hezbollah also mourned two more fighters and claimed a rocket attack on Israeli troops near the Jal al-Allam post.

Israeli artillery shelling meanwhile targeted Aita al-Shaab, Majdal Zoun, Tayr Harfa, al-Jibbayn, Tallet al-Hamames, al-Wazzani, Alma al-Shaab, Dhayra, Naqoura al-Labbouneh as an airstrike also targeted al-Labbouneh.

Hezbollah and the Israeli army have traded almost daily fire since the eruption of the Gaza war.

On the Lebanese side, at least 285 people have been killed, mostly Hezbollah fighters and their allies, along with 44 civilians. On the Israeli side, the army says 10 soldiers and six civilians have been killed, while tens of thousands of residents on both sides have been displaced.

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Missing un520 02 March 2024, 14:10

Look at the scenery, its beautiful down there by the sea. Those guys could have taken their families for a day on the beach. Instead of beachtowels and swimwear they chose to pick up their guns this morning. Their last morning...

Missing HellAndWaite 02 March 2024, 16:47

Kuwait's government better protects its citizens than Mikati and Berri do for Lebanese at home:

07:41-2 March 2024 AD ـ 20 Sha’ban 1445 AH
Kuwait’s Court of Cassation has labeled Lebanon’s Hezbollah as a “forbidden and criminal group” under national law. It accused Hezbollah of planning to destabilize Kuwait to establish an Iranian-style republic there.

The court clarified that joining Hezbollah and cooperating with it constitutes a “crime punishable by law.”

The case was brought by the State Security apparatus regarding the involvement of three Kuwaitis and a Lebanese national in funding Hezbollah-affiliated entities, sending funds and donations to them.

The Court of Cassation, following appeals, overturned the acquittal of the Lebanese and Kuwaitis, convicting them again.

Missing gabriel01 02 March 2024, 18:27

More young and precious Lebanese men dying for the sake of Iranian scum and on the road to nowhere. Sad. Allah yerhamoune.

Thumb scorpyonn 02 March 2024, 21:29

Crafty and cowardly Iranians prey on naïve Shiite Lebanese villagers and send them out to do their filthy bidding. Lebanese civilians are paying for Iran's control over fools like Nasrallah who sacrifice their people to please Iran. The best solution is to nuke Iran and get rid of this cancer.

Thumb scorpyonn 02 March 2024, 21:31

You are right, Gabriel01, it is the road to nowhere- becasuse Israel will win everytime.