Geagea: FPM would accept Hezbollah war 'in Tanzania' in return for domestic benefits


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said he refuses sacrificing Lebanon for the sake of Iran, as Hezbollah and Israeli forces traded fire along the border for the fifth month.

"We do not and will not accept giving up one grain of Lebanese soil to anyone, but at the same time we do not accept that southern Lebanon, for example, be sacrificed and the country be dragged into a major war for the sake of Iran’s policies in the region," Geagea told the Kuwaiti al-Rai newspaper, in remarks published Monday.

He added that deploying the Lebanese army in the south would protect Lebanon and help it avoid any hazardous scenarios.

Geagea said former President Michel Aoun and Free Patriotic movement chief Jebran Bassil are now disagreeing with Hezbollah, only because the latter refused to give the FPM what it wants domestically.

"If Hezbollah gave them what they want, they would accept that Hezbollah drag Lebanon into war, even in Tanzania," he sarcastically said. "They would say 'We have a community in Tanzania that must be defended against the Islamic State group'."

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