Geagea asks FPM not to attend session that would postpone local elections


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea blamed Tuesday the so-called "Axis of Defiance" and its allies of obstructing anew the municipal elections in Lebanon.

"In addition to dragging us to the depths of hell and obstructing the presidential elections, you are working hard today to deprive the Lebanese of the local authorities as well," Geagea told "the Axis of Defiance and its allies" in a statement he posted on the X platform.

Geagea called on the Free Patriotic Movement "not to participate in this crime," asking the political group not to attend a session that he said is expected to extend the terms of municipal councils and local officials.

"This way, we would force the government to organize the municipal elections in all the Lebanese regions except the regions where military operations are ongoing," he said.

In April last year, Lebanese MPs voted to extend the terms of municipal councils and other local officials for a year.

"Anyone who contributes to a third extension of the terms of municipalities would be committing an additional crime against Lebanon and the Lebanese people", Geagea said.

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