Reports: Lebanese govt. warned of possible Israeli strike


The Lebanese government has received warnings about “hostile intentions by Israel and its preparations to deal a swift blow to Hezbollah in response to the group’s latest operations,” Arab diplomatic sources in Beirut said.

In remarks to the al-Anbaa news portal of the Progressive Socialist Party, the sources did not rule out an unprecedented escalation of Israel’s raids and military operations.

Al-Binaa newspaper for its part said the Lebanese state has received diplomatic messages carrying warnings that “Israel will carry out a broad military strike against Hezbollah and Lebanon.”

However, in remarks to the same daily, political sources from the Hezbollah-led camp described the warnings as “part of the psychological warfare against Lebanon.”

“Any Israeli aggression will be a major and historic folly by the enemy that will cost it a hefty price,” the sources added, stressing that Hezbollah will continue its operations in the south “as long as the Israeli aggression continues against Gaza.”

“The qualitative operations carried out by the resistance over the past few days, especially the painful Arab al-Aramsha strike, are a small sample of what the enemy should expect if it commits any foolishness or expansion of its aggression against Lebanon,” the sources added.

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Missing phillipo 19 April 2024, 13:31

For many years Israel has tried time after time to avoid causing Lebanese civilian casualties in retaliation to Hizballah terrorist attacks on its territory and civilians, but there is a limit to how much it can accept, and at the moment Hizballah is coming very close to having Israel respond with force as it seems that the LAF are not willing to do anything in order to control the terrorist organisations and forcing them to comply with Resolution 1901.