Berri asks where's Lebanon interest in refusing dialogue


Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri said there is no backing down from presidential consultations.

Berri told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, in remarks published Monday, that consultations are "obligatory" to break the presidential deadlock, accusing "some" parties of obstructing the election of a president.

Berri has called for a dialogue to break the impasse. He insists that only dialogue would solve the presidential crisis, while the Lebanese Forces party refuses a dialogue chaired by Berri. The party says a president should be elected in parliament not chosen through prior consultations.

"Where is Lebanon’s interest in the rejection of communication that could lead to a consensus on a president's name, in light of the political divisions and the escalation in the south?", Berri asked.

The Speaker told the daily he is satisfied with a French-American statement that called for de-escalation in south Lebanon.

Hezbollah, a Hamas ally, has traded near-daily fire with Israeli forces in the eight months since the Gaza war began, triggered by the Palestinian militant group's October 7 attack.

The deadly clashes have intensified in recent weeks, causing multiple brush fires on both sides of the Israel-Lebanon border and raising fears the conflict could broaden.

More than eight months of border violence has killed 458 people in Lebanon, mostly fighters but including about 90 civilians.

On the Israeli side of the border, at least 15 soldiers and 11 civilians have been killed, according to the army.

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Missing HellAndWaite 10 June 2024, 14:31

Where was Lebanon's interest in the speaker allowing quorum to be broken when all the ministers were present and a single, inconclusive round of voting for a president has been completed?

Man who lives in glass house should not throw stones ...

Thumb SupportBeirut 10 June 2024, 17:38

The fact that Nabih Berri exists is not in Lebanon interest, never was.